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End of the Year Ceremony

Congratulations to the employees who were recently recognized at our end of the year ceremony! We are so appreciative of all you’ve given to our school.

  • Jennifer Willey: 10 years of service 
  • Jennifer Willey and administration with her award
  • Shawn Euphrat: 30 years of service 
  • Shawn Euphrat and administration with his award
  • Anna Grijalva: 5 years of service
  • Anna Grijalva and administration with her award
Teacher and Employee of the Year

Check out our teacher and employee of the year! Congratulations on this great honor, and we thank you for your service!

  • Teacher of the Year: Mable Shaju 
  • Employee of the year: Callie Slade
Callie Slade and Mable Shaju holding their awards